Harvesters and Managers for Your Land and Timber

We are a Forestry and Real Estate Brokerage Firm specializing in assisting in the development, management, and realization of forestry and land management plans, timber sales and purchases and the sale and purchase of real estate in Central and South Alabama.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients professional, real time information to assist them in making informed decisions in regards to their individual set of circumstances and goals in the areas of Forestry and Real Estate. Our Company is broken down into two divisions; Coastal Plain Land and Timber and Coastal Plain Realty.

Both businesses are vertically integrated, Coastal Plain Land and Timber deals with all aspects of managing the needs and requirements that arise from timber land ownership. From forest restoration and management to timber sales and timber management plans to the final sale of a tract of land and or the accusation of new properties. While the members of Coastal Plain Realty have dealt with new home construction, the planning and development of spec homes, various types of residential development properties, rental management and the purchasing and sale of all types of residential , commercial and rural real estate.

We are a growing company looking towards the future. Please contact us today for help with any of your forestry or real estate needs.